Friday, February 4, 2011

Being BOLD for Jesus.

Lately the LORD has been showing me that He wants me to be bold( He has to show any of us that.. we should already know). Over and over again I hear "BE BOLD FOR THE GOSPEL AND THE SAKE OF JESUS CHRIST". I always feel convicted because I am not being bold for His sake. Here is when my passion started..

Last weekend at a d-now I was sitting, watching and listening to the voices singing praises to the LORD. I realized.. that's what I do most of my life.. sit and listen. He speaker had said earlier: "don't just sit and soak in Jesus, you can't hold Him to yourself. You need to be spreading what He showed you in your time with Him. Procalim His name!". When I was sitting I was asking the LORD what I was doing on an everyday basis for Him... I found exactly what I was doing... nothing. The this wonderful idea just happend to pop in my head... what if I simply wrote verses and handed them out to random people I don't know and told them about Jesus and prayed with them if they would allow me to. (We have handed out verses at the past two d-nows I've been to. Why do I only wait for weekends like that or specific 'mission' projects that someone else has planned? Or only with my friends, who are Christians, but now proclaiming the gospel to someone who might have never heard it before- this is what we are called to do).


That is exactly what I want to do. Go to places.. where ever I am.. Marshall, home, Dallas. To whoever needs to hear the words of the LORD.

I didn't do anything about it expect think 'how cool would that be?'... thinking about it is NOT nearly enough.

I read Isaiah 11:6-9 the other day. It talks about how we will all live in harmony together on day. For example: lions and lambs hanging out together and cobras and infants playing together. ENEMIES. Things that shouldn't be together are best friends! Verse 9 says "Nothing will hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain...the earth will be filled with people who know the LORD". Basically everyone lives in harmony because everyone knows the LORD. Imagine how much we could transform this world if we, as Christians, told people about Jesus! I know people, when they truly find Jesus will be a peace inside, but hopefully also if they are violent- physically or with their words-they will be at peace when they find Jesus. Imagine how drastically our world would change if people knew the LORD. What are we doing as Christian? What am I doing? I want people to live like one day we will in heaven. Peaceful and worshipful.

I'm working on it :)