Friday, July 1, 2011

Martha and Mary

I've heard the story many many times. Today I was consumed with the story. I placed myself as Mary and Martha.

As Martha: I was preparing dinner while Jesus sat in my living room. I was frustrated with Mary because she was sitting on her behind not helping or even offering to lend a hand. I began to become more and more angry slamming pots around and making all kinds of racket. I kept shooting angry glares towards Mary but she never took her gaze from Jesus. Wouldn't she want Him to have the perfect meal? Why wouldn't she help me? Surely Jesus will tell her she needs to help me. Let me go ask Him...

As Mary: I knew my sister was upset with me as the pots began to chime, ding and dong louder and louder, but I didn't care; I was with Jesus. I was sitting at His feet listening to His parables in His soothing voice and occasionally hearing His soft laughter. Why would anyone want to be doing anything other than listening to Jesus? No body should! I knew I was about to get it when Martha walked up...

As Martha: I stormed over to Jesus with hate in my eyes, heart and soul. Martha gets to enjoy Jesus while I slave away. 'This is going to change' I thought. I proceeded to question Jesus instead of my sister due to the fact she was already ignoring me. I spoke my [bitter] heart "Lord, doesn't it seem unfair to you that my sister just sits here while I do all the work?" Then I demanded "tell her to come and help me!"(Luke 11:40). Ha. That's it I embarrassed her in front of Jesus. Serves her right.

As Mary: I knew it was about to get ugly when Martha interrupted Jesus during one of His stories. She proceeded with a overly hateful question as a stab to me. As she finished her question a slight smirk appeared upon her face followed by a dumbfounded look when Jesus replied "My Dear Martha, you are worried about all the details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her" (vs. 42).

As Martha: After hearing Jesus speak I remembered to whom I was speaking to. I stepped back when I realized I had belittled the Lord. I was worried about getting thing completed. I didn't want to be seen as I saw my sister, lazy. It was me who was wrong. Jesus could have prepared dinner in the blink of His eye, but I forgot that. I truly was worried about the small things. I wasn't concerned with the fact JESUS WAS IN MY LIVING ROOM. I was worried about how things would turn out, but that shouldn't matter because Jesus would make them turn out perfect!

As Lindsey: I have been so distracted with the details. I have been having my quiet times to a God who is in heaven but not to and with one who is in the same room as me. I have been caught up in ME getting the details right but Jesus can perfect the details when I hand them over to Him. Jesus is perfect I am not in any way. I am a Martha. One is wanting things to go perfectly but unwilling to sit and listen to what Jesus wants to say to me because too many things would be left unfinished. I need to become Mary. One who listens and leaves the details up to Jesus. He will let them fall into place.