Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Plans.

I KNOW y'all get tired of hearing from me but I have exciting news!

Many of you know that I wanted to go to Honduras this summer with ETBU and that fell through because not enough people were going and yadda yadda. Allan also said something about going to Haiti but I never heard back (I think that as well fell through). I wanted to get a job this summer but my parents just wanted me to 'relax'. Someone from Young Life (a nation wide FCA-ish organization) came to my aunts house and my aunt asked if they were low on employees at any of their camps. This man said yes in Florida and I needed to be there by June 4th. Since I am taking a scuba diving class we have our final, which is 4 dives in Lake Travis, the weekend after that. So that as well got ruled out. I want to serve God, so I wanted to go somewhere to do so. But God has been telling me that I need to serve at home in Mimosa (our church) because so many people are broken there. And this has been on my heart since Xtreme. I finally decided to stop searching for places to serve and I emailed Josh...

So here is the story...
I emailed Josh (our youth pastor) maybe a week ago telling him that I felt like God wanted me serving in the church maybe leading a Sunday school or something like that. But little did I know the day (or two days) before he had told the guy interns that they probably would not have a girl inter this summer (Laura, the usual girl intern just graduated so she isn't coming back). So put two and two together... Last night at church Josh asked me if I would like to be the intern. Honestly this thought crossed my mind but I don't know. I guess I just pushed it aside because Laura was such a WONDERFUL intern. I've been praying about it and I hope you guys have been too. This is where God wants me. Leading the youth. (uh.. let me just remind you I'm 5'1 and a half, less that 100 pounds, and only 18!!) YEAH!

I just want to say how great God is. The things I thought I wanted He shut the doors on, and I am so glad He did because I have a passion in my heart to talk about God and tell others what He is and has done in my life!

PS. I scheduled my haircut for Locks of Love on MONDAY!! :)